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garage door repair gloucester

Garage Door Maintenance

Save money by scheduling garage door maintenance in Gloucester with us. We have the experience to detect and tackle minor problems and thus keep them from expanding. Our techs follow a detailed check list to ensure no part is omitted during the inspection. We are ready to deal with any issue and can tune up any garage door. Trust the Garage Door Maintenance Gloucesterexpertise and commitment of our pros at Gloucester Garage Door Repair.

Why you save money with our garage door maintenance service

Garage door maintenance can become the remedy to all problems before they even start making your life difficult. Once our pros complete such services, parts run smoothly. This means no friction and hence less noise and no parts damage. So you don’t have to replace them prematurely or deal with sudden issues. Every little problem is handled.

With garage door troubleshooting expertise, our techs can spot any weakness and issue and tackle everything wrong. At the end of the service, the door opens all the way with ease and closes all the way down. You don’t lose energy or need repairs. As long as the door is serviced regularly, it will continue to serve you for a very long time.

What’s included in our annual garage door service

We offer garage door maintenance service in Gloucester, Ontario. Since this is a preventive service, we start by inspecting all parts and the door’s movement. Our intention is to check and thus possibly find weaknesses and problems. If there are any, we handle them. Our techs check if the cables are frayed, the tracks dented, and the springs loose.

Our pro will focus on the opener and its safety features. In order to ensure the good balance and movement of the door, we do any garage door adjustment needed. All bolts and screws are tightened, parts are aligned, and lubricants are applied.

We service garage doors to keep them safe and operational for a long time. Maintenance doesn’t cost much and can save you money in the long run. Schedule services with us every year. Let us take good care of your door. No matter which type you own, you can depend on our excellent Gloucester garage door maintenance. Give us a call to learn more today.

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